Amazon Video Commercials: Why are they there and can they be removed?

With millions of household products to choose from every day, over-the-top streaming services, and new and improved tech tools, Amazon is one of the biggest names in e-commerce.

Perhaps you have noticed that Amazon Prime shows and movies feature ads before they begin. Is it possible to remove the commercials? My research has led me to these conclusions!

Commercials on Amazon Prime in 2022?

How do Amazon Prime commercials work?

More than just Prime productions can be found on Amazon Prime Video. Although they aren’t labeled very clearly, Amazon Prime partners offer movies and TV shows.

The reason for the confusion is because people don’t always understand which ads are appearing.

As Amazon announces new streaming content, including live-action Universal movies around eight months after they are released in theaters, it also announces an exclusive deal for Universal live-action movies.

Since the shows are not Prime productions, Amazon needs to advertise them separately.

As Amazon Prime Video is a paid on-demand service (which does not include ads) this is causing a great deal of frustration for members.

Amazon Ad Preferences – Do You Have Control?

Like Amazon shopping, Amazon Prime streaming also works similarly.

Changing your preferences on your device can be done under “manage your content” in your Amazon account.

To gain access to this option, you will also need to upgrade to a paid account. Click “remove offers” to do so.

Unfortunately, only some of the time does this seem to work. IMDB free releases, as well as Amazon Prive Video original titles, appear to be overridden by this setting on Amazon.

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Since Amazon has had record sales for the past few years, this has understandably upset many customers.

There now appears to be no way to disable ads for Prime Video. Please comment if you find a fix.

Do Amazon You Have Ads On The Only Streaming Platform?

When it comes to audience size, Amazon has caught up to Netflix, partly because of the ads and partly because people like what they watch.

You shouldn’t think Amazon is the only streaming platform with commercials and previews if you’re considering all the streaming services available to you.

Hulu, which has ads to keep costs down while Netflix does not, except for previews if you choose to watch them, has no commercials.

Most streaming platforms have different membership tiers, which helps minimize ads.

Despite what you might think, Amazon Prime Video’s commercials for upcoming movies and TV shows aren’t exclusive to the company.

There are ads on some streaming services, whether they are for products or related movies/TV shows.

The end result really hangs on what content you prefer. Update your membership if you wish, but ultimately, you must decide what content to subscribe to.

Would you recommend Amazon Prime Video?

Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix compete head to head with Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys watching TV and movies on a regular basis, even though there is an occasional ad.

It’s likely the partner commercials won’t completely disappear anytime soon because Amazon continues to promote new partnerships and deliver more productions to the platform.

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It’s obvious why viewers find Amazon’s new deal with Universal, valued at $1 billion, worth the subscription cost and partner previews.

Amazon Prime’s convenience and reliability factor is also because of the Fire TV and Alexa technology.


Ads for Amazon Prime programs may appear on associated channels and platforms, but you won’t see them on Prime programs themselves.

You can watch more movies and TV shows outside of Amazon Prime by installing the app.

You can manage your content and devices through your Amazon Prime account, where you can remove offers.