Can Target penetrate the eardrum? What will happen in 2022? Find out more about (Price, Location, etc.)

Customers can find reasonable-priced makeup guidance and cosmetic assistance at Target, a popular retail chain in the U.S.

You might wonder if Target offers ear piercing services since ear piercings are quite common in both children and adults. My research has turned up everything I can find about it!

What happens in 2022 if Target pierces ears?

In partnership with Rowan, Target will be piercing ears at more than 50 store locations by 2022. For a variety of types of piercings, such as stainless-steel studs and 14 karat gold studs, the Target ear piercing prices range from $55 to $125.

What is the policy of all Target stores regarding piercing ears?

Over 50 Target locations offer ear piercings, including those in Texas, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, and Arizona.

Visit Rowan’s Target location finder to determine if your Target offers piercing services.

Is Target open for ear piercing appointments on what days and at what times?

Depending on your local Target, ear-piercing appointments are typically scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays.

For appointments, the most convenient hours are 11:00 a.m. (i.e., 4:00 p.m.) or 10:00 a.m. three hours later.

Rowan’s Target location finder (linked above) allows you to determine when and where Target stores near you are open on specific days and times.

To get your ears pierced at Target, do you have to be 16 years old?

In-store piercings are available to all ages at Target, but this includes the following restrictions:


  • The procedure may not be performed on anyone under the age of 18 without the permission of their parents or guardians
  • DTaP vaccination is required for babies getting their ears pierced
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Where do you find people who pierce your ears at Target?

To ensure a safe and comfortable experience, Rowan piercing utilizes registered nurses working at Target stores to perform the piercing procedure.

They use hand-pressured needles instead of piercing guns on their piercers who are medically certified.

Due to the spring-loaded nature of piercing guns, they can damage the delicate ear tissue.

Can you get pierced at Target on what parts of your ear?

The lobe, middle lobe, upper lobe, mid helix, or helix of your ear are a few parts of your ear that can be pierced.

Among their stud options, the prices are identical regardless of placement, so you can choose lobe or helix studs for the same price.

Furthermore, with every appointment, an ear evaluation is performed to determine the appropriate piercing for your particular ear layout.

Is it possible to get your ears pierced at Target with what kinds of earrings?

The hypoallergenic and sterilized jewelry Rowan offers can be used for piercings. There are three different styles of studs available:


  • Steel
  • Gold that is 14 karats
  • A certified diamond and 14 karat gold


To promote optimal healing and ensure sufficient airflow, piercing jewelry studs feature safety backs and long posts.

What are the costs involved with Target Ear Piercing?

As follows, there are different price points for different kinds of ear studs:


  • Piercing studs made of stainless steel for $55
  • piercing studs made of 14 karat gold for $95
  • Diamond piercing studs made from 14 karat gold cost $125
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As part of the cost, you will receive a skin assessment by a registered nurse, hypoallergenic and sterilized earrings, and access to post-piercing care.

In addition to their cubic zirconia earrings, Target carries sterling silver hoops and cubic zirconia studs for $29 and $58 respectively.

To see all of Rowan x Target Jewelry’s piercing options, visit their website!

Who can come with you to Target to get your ears pierced?

Family members or friends can accompany a pierced individual despite the appointment being for only one.

Parent or guardian must be in attendance if the child is under 18.

As well, Rowan encourages people who want to get several piercings to make consecutive appointments rather than a single appointment if they would like to get one.

What is the result of Target piercing ears?

In a partnership with the piercing company Rowan, Target offers ear piercing services for its customers.

This service is being offered by Target locations across the country.

Besides being safe and sterile, registered nurses can also perform piercings that start at $55. Several different types of piercing placement can be selected by customers: lobe, upper lobe, middle lobe, mid-helix, and helix.