(Discounts, Perks, and More) by Best Buy for 2022

In addition to rewards programs, benefits, and discounts, Best Buy offers its employees many ways to stay motivated and satisfied at work.

Those of you wishing to take advantage of the Best Buy employee discount may be wondering what that is and how you can use it. I’ve discovered what I needed to know!

In 2022, best buy employee discounts will be available

A generous discount of Cost + 10% is offered to Best Buy employees. If Best Buy paid $250 for the product yet the retail price is $500, then the discounted price will be $275. The discount is typically between 20% and 60%, depending on the product. Discounts can be obtained only after three months of employment.

Discounts are given to Best Buy employees?

Several products at the electronics retailer are available to both part-time and full-time employees at Best Buy.

TVs, audio equipment, and Android phones are among the products that qualify for employee discounts.

Additionally, employee discounts are also valid on the Geek Squad’s tech support.

Employees must purchase Apple products and gaming systems at retail price since they are not eligible for Best Buy employee discounts.

In addition, you must also be currently employed by Best Buy for a minimum of three months in order to receive discounted employee prices.

Best Buy employees receive how much of a discount?

Cost plus 10% of the item’s cost is charged to Best Buy employees based on what is paid by Best Buy to the original manufacturer.

In the example above, if Best Buy bought an item for $100 and sold it for $50, a Best Buy employee could buy it for $55 ($50 cost price + 10% on top: $55), which is $45. This is a great deal!

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Due to sensitivity, the Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) cannot be made public and can only be viewed by Best Buy employees.

Do I know how much discount I get as a Best Buy employee?

Best Buy employee discounts can be viewed through your personal Best Buy account if you work there.

Click on the personal tab in the Employee Tool Kit Access to view all discounts available.

Please be aware that Best Buy will need to verify your employee discount by entering your employee identification number.

Due to the ETK, in order to prevent discount abuse or impersonation, you can only check employee discounts using computers within your workplace.

The employee portal may reject your entry if you attempt to log in from another location.

How do I obtain a discount at Best Buy if I’m an employee?

If you want to utilize your employee discount at both Best Buy stores and online, you must present your employee ID.

You will be guided on how to receive employee discounts by the salesperson if you shop in-store.

Nonetheless, you will automatically receive the discounts when you put each item into your shopping cart when you use your Best Buy employee account to shop online.

Employees at Best Buy receive what benefits?

The company offers its employees a variety of benefits, including discounted prices, competitive reward packages, and flexible work schedules.

As listed below, our packages have been categorized based on the holistic well-being of the employee:

The following benefits are offered to employees for their financial well-being:

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  • A discount just for Best Buy employees
  • Plan to purchase employee stock
  • Savings plan for retirement in the 401(k)
  • Payments as incentives
  • An insurance policy that covers AD & D and Life insurance
  • Assistance to employees
  • Disability insurance for short and long-term


In terms of physical and mental well-being, the following benefits can be found:


  • Health insurance for mental health
  • Prescription drug coverage and medical insurance
  • Insurance coverage for critical illness
  • Support for maternity leave and maternity pay
  • Information and resources about mental health
  • Assistance to employees



Depending on your position within the company, your employment status (full-time or part-time) and your length of service will determine your eligibility for these benefits.

Discounts on Best Buy products for employees

As a way to motivate its employees, Best Buy offers exclusive discounts as well as other employee benefits. As a result of this discount, employees will only have to pay 5% of the item’s original cost.

Employees at Best Buy who have worked there for at least three months can take advantage of these discounts.