Does IKEA plan to open in New Orleans or Louisiana in 2022?

Perhaps you were wondering whether or not IKEA is opening up a shop in Louisiana, New Orleans, or the surrounding areas any time soon.

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Does IKEA plan to open in New Orleans or Louisiana in 2022?

By 2022, IKEA is not planning on opening any stores in Louisiana, New Orleans, or nearby areas. As a result, IKEA does not have a store in Louisiana. This is because IKEA only enters new markets if there is a population of 2 million within 60 miles of the store.

Why Does New Orleans Lack an IKEA Store?

A store in that area would mostly be used by New Orleans residents, since the city has a population of 390,000 and is surrounded by water.

According to the article, IKEA stores typically open near busy highways and areas where they can be accessed by a large population within a 60-mile radius, so New Orleans is not likely to be profitable.

Can you tell me where IKEA is located near Louisiana?

IKEA stores exist in Louisiana, but you will need to travel quite far to get to one.

Five of the nearest stores to Louisiana are in Texas, the state with the second-highest number of IKEA stores, located in areas like Houston, which is closest to Louisiana, and Austin, which is close to Fort Worth.

It would take around five and a half hours to drive from New Orleans to the Houston IKEA location.

What does IKEA have to offer Louisiana residents?

Regardless of its physical location, IKEA aims to deliver to as many states in the United States as possible (including Louisiana).

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IKEA distribution centers are used to make deliveries.

Louisiana Swedeheart, for example, specializes in delivering IKEA products from Houston to residents in Louisiana.

Possibilities for IKEA Louisiana

It is unclear where a potential store could be built in Louisiana as of yet. IKEA has not given any indication of plans to open a store in Louisiana.

In general, IKEA would prefer to build a store in an area that can easily be reached by many customers, and more specifically, somewhere with very large open spaces, as IKEA stores are generally very large.

Consequently, if IKEA were to open in New Orleans, it would probably be once the population increases.

How Soon Will Ikea Be In New Orleans Or Louisiana?

Louisiana and New Orleans are not on IKEA’s current plan to open stores. IKEA may be hesitant to invest in this location because of factors such as population density and land value.

There are several options to Louisiana residents, including five stores located in Texas.