Drug testing at Target What will happen in 2022? You Need to Know (All You Need)

Staff and customers are kept safe at Target by operating a drug-free workplace. Among other things, this means that Target workers are not allowed to consume alcohol, drugs, or tobacco on the job site.

What about Target’s employees and applicants? Do they undergo drug tests? Here is what I have found after doing my research.

In 2022, does Target test for drugs?

To qualify for certain Target jobs, you should take and pass a mandatory drug test within 24 hours of starting work if you want to keep your job. The company Accurate Background manages Target’s drug test program off-site.

Read on to learn more about how and what Target drug tests are able to detect.

How often does Target test for drugs?

In addition to drug testing their employees, Target has three main reasons:


As a condition of your job offer, you must pass the first one as a pre-employment test.

The Target Corporation does not do this for everyone and typically only does it for employees who operate machinery and/or apply for managerial positions and leadership roles.

Accidents After

Employees who have damaged Target property or who require medical care may be asked to undergo a drug test if they have caused damage or require medical attention.

It is in Target’s best interest to protect its staff and to prevent this from happening again.

In addition, Target will test an employee for illegal drugs if Target believes the employee is using, distributing, or under the influence of illegal drugs at work.

During a Target drug test, employees cannot be randomly selected.

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Is Target Testing For Different Types Of Drugs?

Target’s drug tests are designed to detect recent substance use such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and synthetic drugs.

Medical and recreational marijuana uses are legal in some states, which means Target can provide you with advice regarding your use.

Is Target testing their employees for drugs at random?

As a part of an effort to maintain a drug-free workplace, Target reserves the right to conduct drug testing on employees.

As a result, Target can inspect packages and containers containing or containing drugs.

For those operating machines and vehicles, random drug testing may also be common.

Drug tests may also be administered to Target employees wishing to work in security or management.

Generally, Target doesn’t require drug tests of cashiers, retail staff, and seasonal workers unless there is reasonable suspicion they may be using illegal drugs.

How does Target test for drugs?

Employees at Target are subjected to a variety of drug tests. An independent third-party company, Accurate Background , administers the tests in facilities near Target stores.

Assuming that Target suspects the use of drugs, they can administer blood, urine, and breath tests. A hair test is also available, which is considered a more reliable method because it is longer lasting.

Tests that Target Drugs conducts

You can find Target drug testing centers a short distance from the Target store where you work or intend to work.

You will be informed about a mandatory drug test during your interview. Target usually requires a drug test for roles working with machinery or vehicles.

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Target will provide you with instructions on how you can take the test, and you must bring a government-issued photo ID to the test center to verify your identity.

In the event you fail a drug test at Target, what will happen?

Target could fire you if you fail a drug test and reprimand you by reprimanding your manager.

Because your drug test results are confidential, Target may not share them with anyone else.

When you fail a drug test will you still be hired by Target?

You will lose your job offer if you fail the drug test or fail the drug test within the 24-hour allocation time frame.

A positive drug test indicates that Target may not be the right fit for your role if you’re unmotivated and unreliable.

Target Drug Testing: Do they Test?

During the first 90 days at Target, each new hire, employee involved in an accident or employee who Target suspects may be under the influence of drugs will undergo a drug test. Target stores conduct these background checks in Accurate Background facilities off-site.

Target can implement random drug testing if they suspect an employee is engaged in misconduct, and failing a Target drug test can have serious consequences for your employment.