Home Depot Commercials 2022: Who Will Speak?

Brands like Home Depot are recognizable thanks to their distinctive orange color scheme and cohesive branding. Who is the voice behind the Home Depot commercials?

Discover some surprising facts as you read on! I have researched this for you, so just read on!

Home Depot Commercials 2022: Who Will Speak?

The actor Josh Lucas from ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ is the current spokesperson for Home Depot commercials. Since September 2013, Josh has been voicing the Home Depot commercials, according to his IMDB page. Ed Harris and Brian Cummings have narrated Home Depot commercials in the past.

What actors have voiced commercials for Home Depot in the past?

In the past, Home Depot commercials have been voiced by the actors (Ed-Harris, Joch-Lucas and Brian-Cumming)


The Home Depot commercials are voiced by Josh Lucas since how long?

Since September 2013, Josh Lucas has recorded voice-overs for Home Depot’s commercials, though he has not only done Home Depot’s commercials during this time.

Josh Lucas’ voice over work for Home Depot commercials involves recording voice overs. How does he do that?

The best sound quality is often achieved in a recording studio when recording voiceovers for commercials.

Joshua Lucas recorded most of his Home Depot albums at the Sound Palace studio in Dallas, Texas.

A professional microphone was allegedly used to record Home Depot commercial voice-overs at Josh Lucas’ home.

Home Depot’s commercials have been voiced by women?

The likelihood of a female voice acting for a Home Depot commercial is unknown as of 2022.

While there are few women in commercials for Home Depot, many actresses have appeared in them over the years, including Dawn Rochelle Warner and Scarlett Estevez.

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Who voiced the commercials for Home Depot in the past?

Home Depot commercials featured Brian Cummings frequently during the 1990s.

Brian Cummings lent his voice to a Home Depot commercial aired during a WWF Superstars ad break in 1992. WNYW Fox Channel 5 aired this Home Depot commercial!

In what commercial did Home Depot debut?

As part of the ad break for the movie The Five Pennies, KTRK Channel 13 aired this old Home Depot commercial in 1985.

Throughout this commercial from 1985, the employees thank their customers and list the best deals and prices they have to offer in the Houston area.

What Must You Do To Get A Voice Over Job at Home Depot?

You must have previous acting or voice-over experience in order to be a voice actor on Home Depot commercials. A drama school can help you achieve this, or you could take voice-over lessons and an acting course.

You should consider employing an agent once you gain some experience with voice-overs and voice acting.

Your agent can place you with Home Depot commercials if you have expressed interest in doing voice-over work.

It is up to several factors, including whether your voice suits the commercial plot and if they need another voice actor, whether you are hired to work for Home Depot.


Josh Lucas represents Home Depot in the current commercials. An actor known for his roles in ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and ‘American Psycho’, Josh Lucas is known for his role in “Sweet Home Alabama”. Ed Harris and Brian Cummings were past voices of Home Depot.

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