Hours of Opening & Closing at Costco Gas What will 2022 look like (24/7)?

Gas pumps are offered by Costco, along with competitive prices and an easy-to-use pump system, like many other Grocery store brands.

Hence, you may wonder what are the Costco Gas hours, whether they close, and when you can purchase it. I have found out the following!

Hours of Opening & Closing at Costco Gas – 2022

The Costco Gas location is open from 5am until 9am, Monday through Friday, and closes at 10pm. Costco Gas’ weekend hours are 7am – 8pm. As Costco Gas has different hours from Costco Warehouse, customers can fill up even if Costco Warehouses are closed.

Where to find the Costco gas hours in your area

In spite of the relatively similar hours for Costco Gas Stations across the country, certain stores and locations have slightly different hours.

The Costco Store Finder can be used to find Costco Gas opening and closing hours near you.

You can search for your nearest store by inputting your city, state, or Zip code on the website. Click on your store and then select “Gas Station” from the drop-down menu under “Warehouse Services”.

Please see the example below for the opening- and closing-hours of Costco Gas in your area.

Costco Gas has different hours than the Costco Warehouse, so you need to review the “Gas Station” tab in order to determine the hours.

Can you buy Costco gas at Costco What if it’s a holiday?

As a result, Costco Gas is unavailable during most holidays, including Christmas, Independence Day, and New Year’s Day.

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Costco’s general stores to which they are attached also fall under this category.

Costco Gas: What Time Is Best?

It is not unusual for Costco to become incredibly busy due to its competitive pricing.

┬áTraveling to the Costco Gas stations during off-peak hours (10am – 1pm and 7pm – 10pm) is recommended, particularly at times when the main Costco store is closed while the Gas stations are still operating.

What is the Costco Gas Payment Method?

You can pay for gas directly at the pumps, using a wide range of payment options at Costco Gas. A few caveats, however, apply.

Costco only accepts Visa Credit Cards. MasterCard, American Express, or EBT cannot be used to pay via a credit card.

Paying with Apple Pay, Android, and Google Pay is possible at the pump, allowing for contactless payment.

Are Costco gas payments accepted in cash?

Currently, Costco pumps do not accept cash, and attendants cannot handle it.

To pay with cash, however, Costco Shop Card can be purchased. This card can be used to pay at the pumps.

Costco Gas’ competitive prices are a result of how they operate.

The retail price of gas at Costco Gas is typically 30 cents lower than the closest competitor. Their membership model helps drive their affordability, as well as their commitment to quality.

Costco is able to offer its products, including its gasoline, for very low prices thanks to the cost of membership.

What are the chances of Costco Gas closing?

On weekends, Costco Gas closes at 7 pm, and on weekdays, it closes at 10 pm. During major holidays, Costco Gas also closes. In comparison to other Costco outlets, Costco Gas opens at 6 a.m., so early birds can take advantage.

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