How much caffeine will McDonald’s Frappes have in 2022?

Besides the traditional coffee and shakes available at fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s offers a variety of beverage options for its customers.

You may wonder whether McDonald’s Frappe contains caffeine if you’re concerned about your caffeine intake. Learn more below!

How much caffeine will McDonald’s Frappes have in 2022?

There is caffeine in McDonald’s Frappes, and the amount varies depending on size and flavor. In the case of a Mocha Frappe, the small, medium and large size contain 100 mg, 125 mg and 180 mg caffeine, respectively. For a small size, there is 75 mg of caffeine, for a medium there is 90 mg, and for a large there is 130 mg.

What is the caffeine content of McDonald’s Frappes?

A McDonald’s Frappe is a glorified coffee shake that is also filled with sugar and flavorings.

In addition, people who don’t like coffee’s taste may prefer a Frappe, because it still provides caffeine and a rush.

Is there a Decaf Frappe at McDonald’s?

McD’s Frappés are currently not available in decaf. Additionally, McDonald’s hasn’t announced plans to offer a decaf option.

Do McDonald’s serve any types of frappes?

You can choose between the small, medium, or large sizes of McDonald’s Caramel Frappe and Mocha Frappe.

The Caramel Frappe contains these ingredients

Among the ingredients in the Caramel Frappe are caramel flavor, coffee, and ice. It is topped with whipped topping and a drizzle of caramel.

Mocha Frappe Ingredients

Served with crushed ice, McDonald’s Mocha Frappe features chocolate flavoring, coffee, and a touch of chocolate syrup. You’ll also get chocolate drizzle and whipped topping to make it even more delicious!

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In stores, do you have McDonald’s Frappe?

Walmart and Kroger sell McDonald’s Frapps, and you can find the brand in many retail and grocery stores throughout the nation.

McDonald’s coffees & teas contain caffeine

You probably want to know about McDonald’s coffee and tea caffeine content, which varies based on the size of the mug.

The following information will help you determine which option suits you best!

A cup of coffee: 109 mg of caffeine is in a small brew, 145 mg in a medium, and 180 mg in a large.

Coffee brewed with decaf

Compared to the small size of the decaf brewed coffee, the medium contains 11 mg of caffeine, and the large one has 14 mg.

An Esspresso contains 71 mg of caffeine. It contains 142 mg caffeine, also known as a double espresso.

A cup of Americano: Americanos weigh 71 mg of caffeine, 142 mg for mediums, 178 mg for larges.

The majority of products in the latte, macchiato, or cappuccino family (hot or iced)

There is 71 mg caffeine in a small latte, macchiato, and cappuccino at McDonald’s, 142 mg caffeine in a medium size, and 178 mg caffeine in a large size.

Sweet tea served iced

A small size of iced sweet tea contains 38 mg of caffeine, a medium contains 50 mg, a large contains 66 mg, and an extra-large contains 100 mg.

A cup of tea: The size of McDonald’s hot teas do not affect the caffeine content.

A hot cup of  Chocolate: Hot chocolate in small, medium, and large portions contain seven milligrams of caffeine each.

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Espresso vs. coffee – what’s the difference?

Mcdonald’s coffee is medium-roasted and comes in a smooth cup with a well-balanced taste. Furthermore, depending on the size of the mug, there is a moderate amount of caffeine in the coffee.

For espresso, however, you receive a medium-dark roast bean with chocolate notes that is richer in caffeine.

In addition, you can order either a single shot or a double shot of espresso when you order it. There is significantly more caffeine in the double shot, as well as a stronger flavor.


In McDonald’s Frappes, caffeine is present in different amounts depending on the flavor and the size. The lowest amount of caffeine is 100 mg, whereas the highest is 180 mg.

Moreover, other factors can change the caffeine content in a Frappe, such as if it is prepared differently.

As a final note, McDonald’s McCafe-branded beverages contain espresso, so if you’re looking for a caffeine fix, try one of these drinks!