How much will flowers cost at CVS in 2022? Locations, Prices, and Types

Fresh flowers are sometimes difficult to find outside of a florist or grocery store. Thanks to many leading pharmacies selling flowers, more and more are also offering them.

Perhaps you’re wondering if CVS sells flowers if you live near a pharmacy store and need some fresh bouquets? Throughout my research, I found the following!

How much will flowers cost at CVS in 2022?

Currently, CVS sells a number of flowers at most of its stores as of 2022, including single blooms, bouquets, and larger arrangements, although the kind of flowers vary from store to store. Flowers are available at CVS year-round, but they are especially abundant during spring and summer holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Do CVS sell fresh flowers?

The type and variety of flowers available at CVS will vary by store, depending on local supply and stock.

Make sure your local CVS has the flowers you want in stock and fresh if you have specific flowers in mind.

Find address, phone number, and opening hours for your closest CVS store using the CVS store finder.

Do CVS sell any kinds of flowers?

Most kinds of long-lasting flowers, such as chrysanthemums, carnations, and tulips, can be found at CVS.

As orchids require special care, CVS stores do not stock delicate blooms like them.

Other types of plants may also be sold at CVS stores, including succulents and miniature cacti.

Fresh flowers are available during holidays such as Easter and Valentine’s Day at CVS.

Furthermore, CVS often offers flower seeds and vegetable seeds for those who want to create their own arrangements.

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What time is CVS open for buying flowers?

Throughout the year, CVS locations sell several types of flowers.

Fresh flowers are available all year round, but you will still find some choices during the winter, like poinsettias and other seasonal plants.

As well as holiday sales, CVS also holds sales during Valentine’s Day and Easter, when flower selections are generally more varied.

Is it possible to order flowers online from CVS?

CVS offers fresh flowers, flower growth powders, vases, and other items for purchase online.

As a delivery service, Instacart collects the products from CVS and delivers them directly to your doorstep. CVS uses Instacart to fulfill its online store orders.

Instacart Express’ free trial provides CVS online customers with a way to avoid paying delivery fees on their flowers ordered from CVS.

Does CVS charge a lot for flowers?

For a simple bouquet, a CVS flower shop will usually charge between $5 and $15, while large planters can have up to 20 flowers and can reach upwards of $25.

Additionally, CVS stores sometimes sell single flowers at a discount, especially when the blooms are nearing the end of the season.

CVS offers massive savings over the prices of a typical bouquet of flowers from a florist.

During the spring and summer, customers are especially likely to shop at holiday sales around Easter, Independence Day, and Labor Day.


In most of its locations across the country, CVS sells an assortment of flowers and bouquets. Several types of fresh blooms are available for purchase at low prices for customers to take home or give as gifts.

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Although CVS sells flowers and plants all year round, the best flower sales typically take place in the spring and summer. Instacart is also available to deliver flowers purchased online at CVS.