In 2022, will you tip Walmart’s grocery delivery service? This is the full guide (PDF)

Several customer service professions practice tipping because it helps cover workers’ expenses and shows employees that you value their work.

You may be wondering, since Walmart Grocery Delivery is such a big convenience, if your driver deserves a tip? My research has led me to the following conclusions!

Delivery drivers of Walmart groceries should be tipped What will happen in 2022?

By 2022, Walmart Grocery Delivery drivers can be tipped via cash, debit card, or credit card. It is better to tip your Walmart driver in cash if you are using third-party companies that keep a percentage of your tip. The tip you leave should be indicative of how well the service was.

The right amount to tip Who delivers your Walmart groceries?

You can tip your Walmart grocery delivery driver just like you would a restaurant server or a food delivery service.

Tipping should generally be kept to a minimum of 10% of the bill, depending on your level of satisfaction.

Your driver would appreciate it if you could go as far out as 15-20%.

What about your Walmart grocery delivery drivers? Do you tip them with cash or a charge card?

In the Walmart app and on the Walmart website , you can choose to tip your delivery driver with cash or credit/debit cards (checks are not accepted).

The easiest and fastest way to ensure you tip your driver is to tip via credit or debit card during (or after) your purchase.

It may, however, be necessary for the company to share tips with the driver’s third-party service.

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To tip a driver directly, it is best to tip in cash. The additional payment will go directly into the driver’s pocket if you use this method.

When You Order Groceries From Walmart, How Much Do You Tip Your Delivery Driver?

The Walmart app or your account online let you add this tip option to your order.

Three moments during your order allow you to edit or remove this tip:

  • The Review Order screen appears during checkout
  • Your Purchase History will appear after the checkout
  • You will receive it within 24 hours, depending on the time that you specify in the purchase history
  • Tipping your delivery driver can be done with cash or a sealed envelope when they arrive.

    What percentage of Walmart grocery delivery drivers’ tips do they receive?

    Besides its own fleet of delivery drivers, Walmart employs many third-party delivery company drivers.

    Third-party companies may cut a percentage from your tip, so your driver may only receive a fraction.

    The tip will not be deducted from your debit or credit card if you tip a Walmart delivery driver.

    Tipping the driver in cash is the best option since it is impossible to know whether he will receive the entire tip or not.

    How will Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers know if you left a tip?

    The Walmart Grocery delivery service app can show your tip to the delivery driver.

    They can view their delivery history and earnings, as well as tips they received after each delivery, by going to their online account.

    Walmart Grocery delivers by whom?

    By hiring self-employed and third-party drivers to fulfill its orders, Walmart is continuously expanding its grocery delivery services.

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    Walmart also works with Point Pickup, Skip Cart, AxleHire, and Roadie to deliver goods on its own, as well as through its private delivery service.

    In addition to standard two-day, next-day, and even same-day deliveries, these third-party services are also available.

    Furthermore, Walmart stores in certain states have also partnered with DoorDash to deliver groceries chosen by their customers.

    Walmart does not require tips, however, but the extra money would greatly benefit these drivers.

    Walmart Grocery: What Is It All About?

    Walmart store associates will collect each item and reserve them for delivery after you place an order through the store’s website or the app.

    A driver will pick up your order from the store and deliver it to your selected address if you select instant delivery.

    If you have a delivery membership, the cost of delivery will be completely determined by your purchases and your membership.

    If you do not subscribe to Walmart Grocery delivery membership, you will be charged a fee for each delivery.

    The option to tip the driver upon delivery is now available at Walmart (tips do not automatically appear in the order).

    If you received extra assistance in carrying the products, how the items were handled during transport, and the condition of your items following their travel, can all influence how much you tip.


    Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers who rely on tips have completely personal discretion over how much they tip.

    Walmart uses third-party companies to deliver their merchandise, and they may take a cut of the tips.

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    Tipping your driver if they have provided excellent service is recommended at 10% or 15-20%.