Ingo Check Cashing: Policy, Fees, and Limits


One alternative to cashing a check in a bank is to use third-party alternatives. These third-party alternatives offer almost the same basic check cashing services with any bank. Another advantage of using the services of these third party alternatives is that most of them offer 24/7 services. That means you can cash your check anytime including on a Sunday. This is not obtainable when using a bank.

One of these third party alternatives is Ingo. This post contains all the information you need on Ingo check cashing services. That includes basic check cashing policies you need to know. Also, you will know limits to the amount you can cash if any, and also how to go about cashing a check using Ingo.

Does Ingo Cash Checks?

Yes. You can cash your check using the Ingo Money app. You may be required to present a means of identification to cash a check at Ingo. The means of identification has to be a government-issued identification. It can be your passport, driver’s license or your military ID.

What Type of Checks Can You Cash at Ingo?

According to the information on the Ingo website ,you can cash any type of check at Ingo. That includes

  •  Personal Checks
  •  Government Checks with pre-printed signatures
  •  Income Tax refund checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  •  Payroll checks.
  • Rebate checks
  •  Business checks or corporate checks
  • Attorney Checks
  •  Insurance Settlement Checks

Ingo Check Cashing Policy?

If you are going to be using the Ingo check cashing services regularly, then you need to note their check cashing policy. They include

  •  You can cash any type of check at Ingo, and that includes a personal check.
  • Ingo offers other financial services like cash withdrawal from your debit card.
  •  You have access to the Ingo financial services 24/7.
  •  You will need to download the Ingo mobile app to access the check cashing service.
  •  All checks are subject to approval before payment is made.
  •  You can only cash max $5000 per check using the Ingo Money App.
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Does Ingo Cash Checks On Sunday?

Yes. You can cash your check at Ingo on Sunday. Since Ingo’s platform is a mobile App you can access any of their financial services at any time.

Where Can I Cash Checks At Ingo?

You can cash your checks at Ingo using their mobile application. You can download this from the Android store or Apple store for the IOS version.

How To Cash A Check At Ingo?

To cash a check using the Ingo app, follow the steps below

Step 1. Download the Ingo App from the mobile app store. If you are using an Android-powered phone, you download from the ‘Play Store’. For iPhone users, download from the ‘Apple store’.

Step 2. Access the Ingo money app and create a profile. Ensure the details you fill as you create your profile are correct. You may have issues verifying your check if you provide the wrong details.

Step 3. After you create an account, link the profile to your prepaid card, credit card, debit card or your Paypal account.

Step 4. Take a photo of your check. That includes the front and back of the check page. Submit the check for review on the app. Your check will be reviewed and your account will be credited. The approval time can take from several minutes to up to an hour.

Will Ingo Cash My Stimulus Check?

Yes. Ingo money was listed on Forbes as one of the platforms you can use to cash your Stimulus check without a bank account. Simply download the app and follow the steps above to cash your Stimulus check using the Ingo Money app.

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Does Ingo Cash Personal Checks?

Yes. You can cash personal check using the Ingo Money app.

Ingo Check Cashing Fees?

Ingo charges some amount to customers as check cashing fees. The fee you pay when using the Ingo check cashing service depends on the type of check you want to cash. The following are some fees you should note.

  • The minimum fee per check is $5
  • You pay 2% to cash government checks, payroll checks with a pre-printed signature.
  • You pay 5% to cash any other type of check that doesn’t fall under the category of checks listed above.

Ingo Check Cashing Limits

There are some limits you have to note when using the Ingo check cashing service. The limit includes the following:

  • The minimum amount you can cash per check is $5.
  • The maximum amount you can cash per check is $5,000
  • You can only cash check amount $5,000 in 24 hours
  • The max check amount you can cash a month is $10,000


So far, this post has covered all you need to cash a check using the Ingo mobile app. It is good to note that, the Ingo check cashing service is offered by Ingo Money Inc and First Century Bank.