My Amazon Gift Card Is Not Working In 2022. What Can I Do? This is the full guide (PDF)

If you are unsure of what to get for a loved one on a special occasion, an Amazon gift card can be a fantastic gift, since the e-commerce giant offers millions of products.

You might want to know how you can use an Amazon gift card if you are getting one for someone or if you just received one? My findings about this are below!

My Amazon Gift Card Is Not Working In 2022. What Can I Do?

Does Amazon Basics accept Amazon Gift Cards?

With a wide selection of household and office products, Amazon Basics is the retailer’s private label.

Is my Amazon gift card redeemable on Amazon Marketplace?

You can use a gift card from Amazon to buy products from one of Amazon’s nearly two million small business sellers in the Marketplace.

Following a gift card payment, Amazon ensures Marketplace sellers receive the appropriate funds.

Amazon Gift Cards Can Be Used For Prime?

For eligible services like Amazon Prime, customers can use Amazon gift cards.

Whenever you try to sign up for Prime, your gift card will appear as a payment method as long as the balance is available and the gift card is valid.

A Prime gift membership, which covers the initial sign-up costs and is good for three months or one year, can also be purchased.

Using a gift card from Amazon for Kindle is possible?

Kindle books can be purchased with Amazon gift cards if you enjoy reading and have an Amazon gift card.

You will automatically be able to use your gift card balance on your next eligible purchase, including Kindle digital downloads.

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Audible accepts Amazon gift cards?

Amazon does not accept gift cards for audiobooks or Audible.

Audible does not accept Amazon gift cards at the moment despite being owned by Amazon.

What are the terms and conditions for using Amazon gift cards to purchase other gift cards?

There are no other gift cards that can be purchased using gift cards, and they cannot be used to buy other gift cards.

Credit or debit cards are required to purchase one of these gift cards.

Do I have to present my Amazon gift card to use at Whole Foods?

You may have seen Amazon gift cards at the checkout if you’ve been shopping at some of your favorite stores.

Amazon gift cards are sold by many mass retailers, but they are usually not accepted for payment as these (including Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, etc. ).

Remember that you need a credit card or cash if you purchase a gift card online.

What is the limit on the number of Amazon gift cards I can use?

Whenever you overspend on your Amazon gift card when you’re shopping, you can add another one to your account.

Besides combining gift cards with credit or debit cards, Amazon allows you to use them with credit or debit cards. You will be able to deduct the balance of your gift cards during checkout.

Gift cards from Amazon can be used at gas stations.

Gift cards from Amazon are not currently able to be used to purchase gas at gas stations after 2022.

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What’s the difference between Amazon Cash and Amazon Gift Cards?

As an alternative to credit or debit cards, Amazon Cash offers the same balance as Amazon gift cards.

A gift card from Amazon or from a participating third-party retailer must be received or purchased.

Amazon Cash, instead, lets you verify your Amazon account with a barcode or a phone number.

At checkout registers, kiosks, or ATMs, you can add cash to Amazon Cash at select stores.

Do not forget that it works like a gift card, except that it doesn’t require a physical card since it all goes onto the balance.


Through Amazon Marketplace and third-party sellers, you can purchase products such as household goods, electronics, office supplies, and more with an Amazon gift card.

Kindle books and Prime memberships can also be purchased with Amazon gift cards. A gift card from Amazon can’t be used to buy other gift cards.