Politique to combat shoplifting The year 2022 (No chasing, arresting, etc.)

Since Target’s large stores are frequented by hundreds of shoppers every day, shoplifters easily get past them with stolen goods undetected.

In terms of security and theft prevention, what is Target’s policy for shoplifting? What I found during my research is below!

Politique to combat shoplifting – 2022

Shoplifting is a serious issue at Target stores, and the company has implemented a shoplifting policy as of 2022. In addition to surveillance systems with facial recognition, security guards for loss prevention, and a variety of deterrents, this entails a series of strategies. Store bans and police involvement are some of the punishments that may be imposed.

Who is Responsible for Shoplifting at Target?

Every Target store is equipped with surveillance systems and security officers to spot and apprehend shoplifters.

Shoplifters stealing dangerous goods or merchandise with a high monetary value will be reported to the police and banned from Target in the future.

Shoplifters who leave Target and run are not pursued by Target for safety reasons.

Does Target have monitors in its stores to keep an eye on security?

Target’s stores are equipped with sophisticated security systems, including cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day.

As a result of these cameras, the company can prevent and track shoplifting. Also, image analytics software assists in giving the company insights about shoplifting.

In this respect, customers are always under video surveillance in the store, and in some instances they are even monitored in the parking lots.

Is Target equipped to stop shoplifting?

In general, Target’s Asset Protection security officers do not stop a suspected shoplifter before he or she has left the store.

The Asset Protection Team Lead, however, can give the “variance to exit” authorization, requesting security to stop a person when necessary.

Typically, for this to occur, the suspect must first be observed approaching, taking, and concealing the merchandise, and then the suspect must be observed passing the last point where the merchandise is to be paid for.

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Does Target have the ability to detain shoplifters?

When presented with reasonable evidence, asset protection guards at Target have the authority to detain someone.

Target security officers can ask the customer to step aside or enter a back room for investigation if they notice that the merchandise was stolen and the customer left the store without paying.

Will Target search shoplifted goods in shoppers’ bags?

If Target suspects that you are shoplifting, it may check your shopping bag as long as the process is voluntary and the customer agrees.

Your clothing and other personal belongings, including a purse, may not be searched.

Minor thefts are approached more intimidatingly by Target security officers. They try to convince the shoplifter to leave the items on the shelves and walk out without them.

Are there no chase policies at Target for shoplifters?

Shoplifters who attempt to flee Target’s security agents are not allowed to chase them.

Shoplifters attempting to flee Target must be followed from a safe distance by Target’s security officers while remaining under observation, according to the company’s “no chase” policy.

The No Chase Policy at Target? Why does it apply to shoplifters?

To ensure the safety of its employees, Target does not pursue shoplifters outside of its stores.

In order to protect both employees and customers, the company leaves dangerous situations to the police.

The customer could also file a lawsuit against the company if they were not shoplifting, incurring unnecessary liabilities.

Customers who ask to see the receipt or to check inside the bag they are taking out of the store must give their consent to see the proof of purchase.

Charges for shoplifting are pressed by Target?

A Target employee who steals goods from its stores cannot be prosecuted.

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Despite the fact that it can file a police report or request that a prosecutor step in, a company cannot directly pursue legal action against an individual.

According to state law, Target may issue a civil demand letter requesting monetary compensation after a theft incident, which you can either pay or ignore and risk a small claims case being filed against you.

Are Target’s shoplifting cases prosecuted?

It is possible for Target to build cases against repeat shoplifters, according to its employees.

Target’s approach to dealing with shoplifters in its retail stores minimizes theft.

When shoplifters steal frequently from Target, Target does not immediately arrest them, instead waiting for the amount of merchandise stolen to reach a certain threshold that leads to felony charges.

Employees at some Target locations confirm that this method is practiced, even though Target’s policy does not explicitly mention it.

What is Target’s policy regarding shoplifters?

Target stores may keep binder pictures of shoplifters identified but uncaught to aid loss prevention.

Further, Target keeps track of when the theft occurred and the items that were stolen so that evidence can be provided if necessary.

How Will You Be Punished If You’re Caught At Target Shoplifting?

In general, if you’re caught seriously shoplifting at Target, you’ll probably face one of three consequences:


  • A security officer from Asset Protection will detain you and deal with the issue on-site
  • The consequences of trying to get around this ban would be more serious if you were banned completely
  • You could be charged with a theft, and fines or charges could be assessed to you depending on the value of the theft


Prior to restocking the merchandise, photographs and descriptions are taken of the repossessed item.

For damaged or soiled items, the store will require full restitution if it is not possible to restock.

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Once they are caught at Target, shoplifters are prosecuted?

In most states, crimes of felony shoplifting will be charged if the value of the merchandise exceeds a certain amount, which is generally between $500 and $1000.

The shoplifter, however, may not be charged with a felony if they have taken less than $500, and may be charged under petty theft or another type of larceny if they have taken less than $500.

Shoplifting at Target: How Serious Is It?

With locations in Las Vegas and Minneapolis, Target maintains one of the top-rated forensic laboratories in the country.

Video and image analysis, fingerprint identification, and computer forensics are some of the services the company offers in fighting organized crime.

Shoplifters can be discouraged from shoplifting at Target by a high-level Loss Prevention Enforcement team.

Further, the severity of punishment and involvement of law enforcement will vary based on both the level of theft and the perpetrator’s background. Target is generally more lenient with first-time offenders and those in the disenfranchised community.

Target’s strategy for preventing shoplifting?

There is a very active shoplifting deterrent at Target.

Shoplifters are discouraged at some exits by video surveillance, undercover security officers, and uniformed security personnel.

Target employees are also trained to notice and deter shoplifting activity using non-combative methods, such as asking customers for help in locating items.

Shoplifting is a target for policy

The Target retail stores have a comprehensive policy against shoplifting, including security cameras and patrols, as well as theft tracing.

A no chase policy is in place, but in the event that a shoplifter is observed stealing, they may be detained and prohibited from entering the store in the future. The police get involved in more serious shoplifting cases.