Save TONS at Walmart by using these 13 hidden clearance hacks!

With Walmart’s wide range of products and “Everyday Low Prices” promise, it offers low-cost products at a low price.

Walmart clearance offers plenty of chances for you to get even more money off – if you know where to look! If you’re looking for more than an “Everyday Low Price”, Walmart clearance offers plenty of opportunities for you to get even more money off.

Check out these 13 hidden Walmart clearance hacks that will save you money. We’re ready to start!

You’ll Want To Keep These Walmart Clearance Hacks Secret!

Walmart’s app is a great resource for finding hidden clearance deals

Yellow stick ers displaying the discounted price will be displayed at Walmart on clearance items. If you are interested in finding out if there is a better deal, there is an easy way to check.

Scan the yellow sticker’s barcode with the Walmart app on your smartphone. If you are lucky, the clearance item you found in-store will turn up on your phone – at even a lower price! offers lower prices than the ones you will find in-store because prices are usually lower online.

Check out Walmart’s website for hidden clearance deals

The Walmart website can get quite boring if you’re searching for the best deals. Have you ever noticed that there’s a way to find only items that are on sale?

Just enter “clearance” into the search bar to find any clearance deals hidden on the website. Within seconds, you’ll see all of the items on sale on the website. In the sidebar you can refine your search if you’re looking for something specific.

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Within a specific price range, you can find clearance items as well. In the search bar, simply type “clearance under $10” if you’re looking for items on sale for $10 or less.

Clearance Tags Offer Cheaper Clearance Prices

Clearance stickers may indicate good deals, but Walmart is sometimes able to mark down the price even further beneath them!

Clearance items at Walmart may not be available in every store, but it’s worth a look.

Identify hidden clearance items at the checkout and match their prices

The Walmart app will let you know when an in-store clearance item is available for a lower price.

Even though Walmart doesn’t match competitors’ prices in-store, they will match the prices on and in the Walmart app if they have identical items.

Shop for clearance items when they are on sale

Predicting price drops based on price tags

By looking at the price tag on the clearance item, you can easily detect if the price of the item is about to be reduced even more.

With a yellow sale sticker ending in the digits 0/5, it means that this is a brand new discount for this item. So, later on, it is likely to fall even more. Prices ending in “1 “, on the other hand, signify the lowest price possible.

For full price items, access hidden clearance prices

You don’t even have to find Walmart’s hidden clearance section by scanning items marked with a yellow clearance sticker on Walmart’s app.

There’s a good chance you’ll find some price drops on the app for any item you scan in a Walmart store.

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Get free delivery by clicking here

You can order all the items that are on clearance at your local Walmart store at once through the app or on the website once you find them in your local Walmart store.

You can also get them delivered for free to your door if you spend at least $35.

When Should You Buy Hidden Clearance Items?

Walmart reserves the right to limit price matching to one item per customer per day for these discounted products in-store. Therefore, you must make smart purchases.

You can always come back to grab the best-hidden clearance deals the next day.

There is a possibility of clearance items being hidden in plain sight

It’s worth looking beyond the clearance section when you’re looking for specific products at the best price possible. Check out the end caps of aisles where clearance items will be displayed.

Walmart Clearance Items Can Be Found Through Social Media

Use social media to find good Walmart clearance deals! The hashtag #walmartclearance is often used so that people can post what they find, often along with the link to the product.

Clearance deals will vary by location, so keep that in mind.

Check For Clearance Items At Your Store

BrickSeek will let you know if your local Walmart store has the item on clearance if you enter the SKU number and your zip code.

Clearance Deals: Shop Around

The people who work at Walmart have the best insights into Walmart’s clearance deals, regardless of how savvy you are with your savings. Those hard-to-find, hidden clearance items will be accessible to them when they know where to look.

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Ask the Walmart sales associate where to find great deals on specific products in a specific department.