Sending a package through Click-N-Ship This is how it will work in 2022 (What it is, how it works, etc.)

The 21st century offers us virtually unlimited possibilities: movies, setup appointments, clothes shopping, and even meeting new family members for the first time.

As of 2008, the USPS has kept pace with this growth by integrating mobile technology into its services and embracing the digital shift of the 2000s.

Their Click-N-Ship service is a prime example of this. USPS Click-N-Ship: what does it do? What you need is my answer.

Click-N-Ship: What Will It Mean to Us in 2022?

Users are able to create and print labels online using the Click-N-Ship tool of the United States Postal Service for a wide variety of popular mailing services, including Priority and Priority Express. However, customers pay slightly less in postage fees than in the Post Office, since Click-N-Ship’s service is free of charge.

Click-N-Ship by USPS: How Does It Work?

As we’ll see, USPS Click-N-Ship works pretty well.


Here are a few things to consider before you create your label.

Is your own scale available if you plan on using your own boxes? The postage you print will be accurate only if you know how much your package weighs.

You can also use one of the Flat Rate USPS boxes or envelopes if you don’t have a scale or do not wish to buy one.

Boxes and envelopes in the Flat Rate box are free in any Post Office location and are also available online – for free.

They’ll be delivered directly to you for free if you order online. The Post Office is definitely faster than contacting the company through the phone.

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Labeling A Product

You need to know which services you can purchase online before you can create a label.

What do you think? You’re good!

From the main page, select Quick Tools and then “Print a Label.” From the Click-N-Ship page, select “Print A Label.”.

Check your Return Address before clicking Print A Label. Additionally, you can join the tracking notification program or ship from another zip code by clicking on “More Actions.”.

Deliveries are next on the list. In order to provide you with best mailing practices, USPS will standardize it once you enter the destination.

There is also the option to send a message with an email notification or have the package held at the Post Office for pick-up under that heading.

Your shipping date will then be selected – up to three days after your current date.

After choosing whether you will ship Flat Rate or not, you need to choose how you will ship. When you don’t specify a package weight, you will enter the weight in pounds and ounces.

In addition, you will be able to select the shipping option: Priority Mail or Priority Express (Priority is the only shipping option that enables you to ship boxes).

On the next page, you can select options, such as box or envelope type (flat rate or not), printer settings, or a personal reference number.

You will be brought to the Shipping Cart, where you can check out and pay, once you have viewed your shipping history and address book.

At checkout, you can request your USPS Label Broker label to be printed at your local Post Office.

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If you bring your taped-up parcel and your confirmation email to the Post Office, they’ll print and affix the label for you. Label Broker is completely free of charge.

Label printing

Printing your label on regular paper (or special label paper from USPS,, or Amazon) works if you have a printer at home.

To protect vital information from rain or scuffs, my recommendation is to cover as much of the paper as possible with packing tape.

There is one exception, however: untape the areas which say “Postal Use” and barcodes.

You can also save a few dollars by labeling your boxes instead of going to the Post Office? Online parcel pick-up can also be arranged.

The United States Postal Service Click-N-Ship is more costly or cheaper?

With Click-N-Ship, USPS actually offers the same services at a slightly cheaper cost than visiting the nearest Post Office.

With Click-N-Ship, you will save a few cents per transaction on Priority Express, Priority and Flat-Rate shipping.

This savings is unlikely to be much for most people, but it could be worth your while if you ship a lot regularly.

USPS Click-N-Ship: Are there any fees?

Using USPS Click-N-Ship is free of charge! A account can be created, labels can be created, even flat rate boxes and envelopes can be obtained.

Payment for postage is the only thing you have to make; either it is calculated based on the weight and destination or you can choose a Flat Rate box.

For USPS Click-N-Ship, what kind of labels do you need?

If you adhere the paper to all four sides with packing tape, you won’t need special labels for USPS Click-N-Ship. You can use printer paper for USPS Click-N-Ship.

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If you would like to purchase self-adhesive labels, you can purchase them on for $9 for 25 and $17 for 50 labels.

Additionally, online retailers such as Amazon offer Click-N-Ship labels.

USPS Click-N-Ship Cancellation: What Should You Do?

After the Ship-By date and time have passed, a USPS Click-N-Ship label is automatically canceled if you are unable to use it.

The ship-by date is the last day that you can cancel an order before the ship date.

Once you complete the transaction, you will be able to receive a refund for it within 30 days.

If you did not use the label for a transaction, you can request a refund by going to your Shipping History.

Please visit the website here for details on how to receive a refund after 30 days but before 60 days.


Using USPS Click-N-Ship, customers can create and print their own labels from the comfort of their homes.

Free shipping materials delivery and free parcel pick-up make this free service even better for home-shippers.