The Complete Guide To Buying Amazon Returns In 2022

A clever method used by companies selling on Amazon has been to make certain returned items re-purchaseable.

Is there a way to buy Amazon returns, how do you do it? Find out more about it by reading this article.

In 2022, where can I buy Amazon returns?

By selling your Amazon returns to a liquidation company, you are sure to get the best price. Platforms like these allow sellers to liquidate their surplus inventory on Amazon by importing merchandise sold on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon products are available through these sites, and customers can purchase bulk returns there.

Continue reading this article for more information about how Amazon return pallets work, where Amazon returns are sold, their prices, and more. 

What makes Amazon return pallets such a good buy?

Buying Amazon return pallets has a number of benefits. A good way to accumulate inventory for your business is to purchase return pallets.

There are many different products available in bulk return pallets, including clothing, electronics, beauty products, etc.

To understand what your customers mostly want, you can specialize in a specific category or sell in multiple categories.

The development and success of resale businesses makes buying Amazon returns a very viable option if you’re seeking to fill your inventory.

Amazon Returns: Where Do They Go?

You can either have them returned to Amazon warehouses or physical stores when you return purchases to Amazon.

Whenever Amazon accumulates a large quantity of overstock (multiple returns of the same item, holiday specials, etc. ), it will combine their returns into large pallets and sell them to liquidation companies.

Pallets are sold to liquidation centers, which allow customers to browse the liquidation companies’ websites and browse for Amazon products under categories like “Marketplaces” and “By Sellers,” and purchase them directly.

Is Amazon selling returns?

Liquidation companies usually sell Amazon returns.

The Amazon liquidation market is populated with multiple liquidation companies. Here are a few of them:

1.  The first alternative you should know is Bstock:

  • A number of countries host Bstock liquidation auctions. Nevertheless, you can only buy Amazon products from their site if you live in the United States or Europe.
  • Sellers will differ in how each pallet is condition. There may be a wide range of lot conditions, from brand new to salvaged.
  • Because each company has its own methods of approving customers, each marketplace requires customers to apply separately.
  • Each seller will also have different shipping options and rates. Others charge shipping for each pallet, while others offer a flat-rate or free shipping option.
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2. Another alternative is Lotto Blue, it may be interesting for several reasons:

  • There are many brands available through BlueLots (based in the U.S. only), including Amazon. Their inventory is not marked up like those of other liquidation companies. Instead, they charge retailers directly for their goods.
  • Clearance can be viewed by customers without making an account. Customers must register on the website to view their full inventory.
  • BlueLots requires sellers to sign a contract agreeing to sell their pallets.
  • UPS, FedEx, and USPS are some of their shipping options. Third-party carriers ship the freight and determine the shipping cost based on the sizes and weights of pallets. A pallet of goods usually costs $300-$400 to ship.

3. 888 Lots is another alternative:

  • More than 100,000 new products are offered by 888 Lots, such as Amazon return pallets. Customers typically negotiate prices with sellers, but they may negotiate fixed prices.
  • All customers based in the US need a resale certificate. A valid business registration is required for non-US customers.
  • Pallets are sold both individually and in bulk, according to Amazon. The number of pallets or SKUs can be as large or as small as customers wish, as long as they purchase the full quantity. Customers are also not restricted in how much they can spend.
  • Only brand new Amazon pallets are sold at 888 Lots, along with the product images, descriptions, condition, ASIN, and Amazon reviews score of the item. They also say how much profit each item is expected to generate.
  • Lot shipping costs $12.99 per box. Pallets that are smaller and lighter have a different shipping cost based on their size and weight. Also, customers can choose the method of shipping that is most convenient to them.

4. The next liquidation site is

  • By truckload, pallet, and box, sells clearance lots from other companies and Amazon. Their products vary in condition and they specialize in clothing, electronics, houseware, industrial products, vehicles, and computers. Reason: too high similarity / Original Text: They sell merchandise in varying conditions and sell mainly in the apparel, electronics, houseware, industrial, vehicle, and computer categories.
  • Auctions start at $100, and the bidding begins at that level. Pallets can, however, be purchased immediately in some cases.
  • Bids and purchases are only possible for registered buyers on
  • If the purchase amount exceeds $5,000, wire transfer payment is required.
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5. Some of you may have heard about BULQ, that also offer liquidation

  • Amazon deals directly with Bulq’s retailers and sellers, including its USA-based liquidation center.
  • Their prices can vary depending on each specific seller. They update their inventory about three times per day. Many of them are fixed, but some are auctioned off for 48 hours.
  • For access to Bulq’s clearance section, no registration is required. However, registering is required to place an order. In addition, all of their customers need to obtain resale certificates.
  • Pallets and lots purchased from them cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Shipping for cases costs $30 flat. The amount of freight shipping for pallets is calculated according to weight, size, and the distance between the warehouse and the customer’s location.
  • Only US addresses can be shipped to.

6. last but not least on our list is BoxFox: 

  • In addition to selling Amazon and other branded pallets directly to retailers, BoxFox sells them by auction.
  • Users also have the option of installing the BoxFox app to stay updated on live auctions.
  • Only new merchandise will be sold by BoxFox, as they sell only overstocks and not returns. Regardless of whether a buyer bids above or below the appraisal value, the sellers set the price.
  • Any offer that exceeds the asking price will be automatically accepted. Each lot has an asking price.
  • They post pictures of their on-sale items, ratings, market values, etc.
  • In addition to shipping, customers will also be charged a 7% commission.
  • We cannot provide shipping costs at the time of the auction as inventory is shipped directly from Amazon and their other retailers. Customers can, however, calculate their own shipping costs using the website.
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The following companies are the best at liquidating Amazon products. Webretailer can provide a comprehensive list of other companies with the same business model.

Is there a cost associated with Amazon return pallets?

Pallets for Amazon returns are sold by liquidation companies for varying prices, based on the size of the pallet and the liquidation company selling them. Customers can bid above or below the pallet’s retail value on each pallet.

Depending on the market value and the quality of the merchandise, bulk pallet prices can range from $1,000 to $6,999.

Moreover, some pallets have been marked with a value of up to $10,000! Depending on the number and duration of bids, they may end up selling for less than they are worth.

Amazon return pallets come in all categories. Can they be resold?

There are many liquidation websites that sell Amazon products.

Customers may have to check multiple liquidation websites to find the products they are looking for, as some websites only list products in specific categories.

Unlike 888 Lots, does not carry Amazon pallets of beauty products, while 888 Lots does.

Based on how much research you need to do to find pallets that suit your inventory needs, you’ll need to decide which category you want to specialize in for your resale company.

How much is it worth to buy Amazon return pallets?

It is beneficial for individuals to buy return pallets from Amazon when they are looking for a reliable company to meet their stock needs.

When you purchase Amazon bulk pallets from a reputable company, you can be assured the goods you are selling will be of the highest quality.

The pallets are also less expensive than bulk wholesalers’ prices because they’re overstocked or slightly used.


By placing bids or purchasing through liquidation companies, Amazon-certified sellers can purchase Amazon Return pallets. You can find Amazon products on these websites by selecting the “By Vendor” or “By Seller” option.

It is cheaper to stock a business via Amazon instead of going through traditional wholesalers, since Amazon pallets range in price from $1000-$10,000, depending on the marketplace.