The length of time CVS will hold a prescription in 2022? In the Guide

Many people visit CVS regularly to fill prescriptions, and it is one of the leading healthcare retailers in the U.S.

Customers of CVS might wonder how long will CVS hold their prescriptions if they are unable to pick up their filled prescriptions on time. Here are some things I’ve learned!

The length of time CVS will hold a prescription in 2022?

From 2022 onward, CVS will hold your prescriptions for 2 days so that they can be picked up, then cancel them and return them to stock. Refilling the prescription will require you to reorder it at CVS. We will deliver your prescriptions in 1-2 business days when you order them online.

In the event that I don’t pick up my prescription at CVS, what happens?

You will be able to cancel your order from CVS if you fail to pick up your prescription in time (usually 2 days).

CVS will have to prepare your medicine again for collection after you reorder your prescription.

In order to avoid missing the medication collection period, CVS provides a service on the CVS website that lets you check the status of your prescription.

The prescription can be chosen in your account after logging in.

CVS Is Holding My Prescription. What Is The Problem?

Occasionally, CVS may place some prescriptions “on hold”. New prescriptions are locked until a CVS pharmacist confirms the medication is correct.

Use the CVS Store Locator to locate your local pharmacy to resolve the issue.

CVS allows you to fill prescriptions up to 14 days in advance.

Until 2 days before your scheduled appointment, CVS will fill your controlled substance prescription.

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The CVS pharmacy offers exceptions for legitimate purposes and occasionally in certain cases, but this mostly depends on the specific circumstances of each CVS retailer.

Do CVS accept online prescription orders?

Through or via the CVS mobile app, CVS customers can order prescriptions online.

The CVS prescription can either be picked up in store or delivered to your home using these options. CVS offers next-day delivery options for prescriptions starting at $4.99.

Can CVS Prescriptions be filled in less than a week?

If you order from a CVS pharmacy location after placing your order, you should receive your prescription within 1-2 days. It can also take up to seven days for medication to arrive in some circumstances.

It is also possible to receive your prescription in a few hours after ordering certain medications through ‘on-demand delivery’.

Do CVS locations have the ability to transfer prescriptions between locations? offers the option for you to pick up your prescription from a new CVS location by visiting

As well as updating health insurance and address information, this service can be used to update personal information.

Do CVS keep my prescription history for an extended period of time?

You will be able to access CVS’s prescription history and patient records for ten years following your last prescription. CVS often keeps paper or electronic copies of this information and discards it after ten years.


A CVS employee will hold your prescription for you for 2 days so that you can pick it up whenever you are ready. CVS will cancel your prescription order after the two days have passed and return it to stock. For CVS to fill the prescriptions again, you will need to reorder them. Maintain a close eye on your CVS prescription status by checking CVS’ website.

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