This guide will show you how to use Instacart at Aldi (plus tips and tricks).

Instacart has been working with Aldi for almost a year, but if you have never shopped with Aldi online before – and if you would like to start now – it can be a bit overwhelming.

With all the answers, tips, and tricks you need, here’s your complete guide to using Instacart at Aldi and ensuring a smooth transaction every time!

Aldi’s Instacart: A Quick Overview

There is a fee of $4 to $10 for Instacart delivery or $2 to $5 for pick-up at Aldi. Instacart Express offers free delivery on orders over $25 and is available for $9.99/month. It is possible that the prices of Aldi groceries on Instacart may be higher than their normal prices.

Instacart: How Do You Order From Aldi?

In order to use Instacart, you’ll first need an account. Register online at or download the app from your app store to get started.

You can access Instacart from different stores based on your location. After you select the one you want, verify that the location is set up to your chosen location (mobile app) about halfway down the page.

Then you can make a list. There are separate sections for your baked goods, your produce, your frozen items, etc. Both the app and website are organized by store sections.

After your first order, the app will create an “I’ve bought this before” list, and you can order the items from it for easy reordering.

There is a Buy It Again option if you bought something a few weeks ago, and you can search by department from that menu.

You should also pay attention to the quantity of items when shopping. Bananas, for instance, can be purchased by weight (pounds) or by quantity (pieces). Changing the quantity and measurement of the item is possible by clicking on the item.

Unless you pay attention, you might order 10 bananas, but they wind up being worth 10 pounds instead!

You can proceed to the checkout once your shopping list is complete. For delivery, you need a $35 minimum, and for pick-up, it is only $10.

It is easy to review your shopping cart by clicking on the little green and white card icon in the upper right corner of the app; you can also “Go to Checkout” when you click on it.

You can choose between delivery and pick-up in check-out; write down your contact information and confirm your payment method; and check your cart one last time before finalizing your purchase.

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The delivery notes can also be entered here, such as where the bags should be left or whether they should knock, if you want them to.)

You will also see “Add promo code or gift card” after the total. If you are a first-time customer, that’s very important to remember, as you can find many promos (just do a Google search), most often involving free shipping.

The app (or website) will communicate a confirmation message to you, your email will confirm your order, and your phone will receive a push notification.

Your Aldi shopper will then start once ready. As soon as someone begins, another notification appears and you’re reminded to watch your cart. A number of friendly Aldi shoppers approach you via chat right from the start to introduce themselves.

Additionally, if your pick-up time is between 5 p.m. on a Friday but your shopper starts at 1 p.m. on Saturday, there is no need to worry!

When the items are bagged up and delivered or brought outside to your vehicle, everything at Aldi is kept in the appropriate cooler/freezer.

During the delivery and pick-up process, your app never leaves you in the dark. You will often receive a photo of your items left by your delivery driver if you paid for delivery.

Are Aldi Instacart groceries more expensive?

Instacart even charges an upcharge at Aldi when groceries are ordered through the service. Depending on the service, some items on Instacart may be priced higher to cover delivery fees.

Despite the fact that Instacart stores offer everyday store prices, some retailers may set prices that differ from those in-store.

Despite this, Aldi still strives to keep its prices lower than rival supermarkets, with some groceries costing more on Instacart than in-store at your local Aldi.

When you pay for Aldi Instacart purchases, how do you do it?

You can add a debit or credit card, or you can also use Apple or Google Pay when you sign up for Instacart. You can also immediately sign up for EBT payment via Instacart at Aldi.

Customers can pay for their SNAP-eligible groceries with a debit or credit card, but delivery or pick-up fees must still be paid separately.

WIC, Venmo, PayPal, and cash cannot be used.

Bags are included with Instacart orders from Aldi?

Instacart orders from Aldi are shipped with bags; however, they charge for them as they do in stores.

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On your finalized receipt, it will tell you whether there is a bag tax or not.

The fee is typically under $1, and in some cases even as little as a dime or a quarter, depending on how many bags you ordered.

Does Aldi Instacart require you to be home to receive your order?

Instacart lets you order from Aldi and have it delivered to your home, but the store does not keep the refrigerated and frozen items cold until you get home.

Plan to be home when the driver drops off your order if you cannot be home for hours.

Instacart from Aldi – How Do You Pick Up?

Using Aldi and Instacart has been very simple. You can mark yourself “On My Way” before leaving your app. You’ll have a shorter wait time after arriving if employees know to collect your bags.

The pick-up area is where you will park when you arrive at the property. Each of the parking spots has a sign marking it as a curbside pick-up spot; there are a number of blue numbered spots (it doesn’t matter which one you take).

You will be able to choose the “I’m Here” option once you have parked.

Besides giving your vehicle make, model, and color, you also prompt shoppers to bring the order to you by entering them into the app.

Throughout the whole shopping process, the app walks you through the steps, from “A shopper is gathering your bags” to “A shopper is bringing your bags out.”

If you want the bags delivered somewhere, roll down your window so they can ask. Once they tell you you’re good to go, there’s no need to do anything else. The Instacart app should notify you that your pick-up order has been completed.

Tip or Not to Tip Shoppers and drivers using Aldi Instacart?

If you’re picking up your bags curbside, you should not tip the person bringing them. It is not the end of the world if you give them a cash tip once your bags are loaded.

The matter of delivery orders is entirely different. Deliverers receive 100 percent of the tip as part of their pay, so they should always tip.

Either cash or tips can be made in the app. If you’re happy with a service, give 15-20 percent as a tip (in any industry).

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Can You Contact Aldi Instacart Support If You Have A Problem?

My personal experience with Instacart demonstrates that they have a robust system for resolving customer issues promptly.

You can submit an issue via Instacart’s app.

Using the app, you will be prompted to rate your latest transaction if you haven’t done so yet. The app will walk you through each step after you choose “Get help” for that order.

If you discover a problem with a previous Aldi order a week or more after it was placed, you can still file a complaint. Select the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the main page of the Instacart app.

Your previous transactions will appear once you choose “Your orders” (first in the list). Each one will have a button at the bottom that says “Get help.”. Throughout the process, the app will guide you.

Instacart offers quick refunds when an item is amiss. Instacart will notify you if you received something that wasn’t ordered. If you receive something you didn’t order, the item is yours to keep (stores can’t take them back).

In the event that your item is unavailable and you’d like to return it, you can do so at any Aldi store – whether it be for quality reasons or because you’re not satisfied.

Instacart doesn’t have that Aldi item?

Instacart does not support certain Aldi items, especially Aldi Finds.

The shopper may not be able to pick up an entire patio set because it won’t fit in the car (there is no way to make the item available only for pick-up).

Coupons are accepted by Aldi Instacart?

The best way to find them is to keep an eye out for Instacart notifications via email or the app while you shop.

As part of the program, InstantCart will offer a $20 discount on orders over $100. All stores that sell through Instacart, including Aldi, were affected by this in 2020 around the holidays.

In a store like Aldi, where items are already so cheap, these don’t happen often, but when they do, they’re great.


With Aldi’s Instacart shop, Aldi extends its low-priced, no-frills business model even further, and if its popularity indicates anything, Aldi’s online ordering, as well as delivery and pick-up, may be here to stay.