USPS offer phase extension: what does that mean? FAQs & more

USPS employment comes with some nice perks, such as generous federal benefits.

Because of this, the USPS hiring process can be so time-consuming and intense. Some of you might have spent some time in the Offer Phase Ext.

How will Offer Phase Ext affect hiring at USPS? Do you think it’s good or bad news? Here are the details you need to know.

USPS offers phase extension: what does that mean?

The hiring process for USPS Offer Phase Ext employees is in one of the final steps. In the present state, prospective workers have accepted USPS’s job offer, had their fingerprints taken and had their drug tests administered, and are awaiting the results.

Do USPS offer Phase Ext for an extended period of time?

Although the USPS Offer Phase Ext can take some time, my research indicates that it is near the end of the hiring process.

Several commenters on Reddit have expressed frustration about being stuck in this hiring purgatory.

USPS will essentially take its time moving through the hiring process unless there is an urgent need.

Once you’ve applied and completed some steps, you will likely be in the Offer Phase Ext category.

Wait a few weeks, or even a month, if possible. The USPS must do things that way, so it can really take that long.

A thorough employer, the Postal Service pays attention to its budget at all times.

USPS is an independent agency of the executive branch of government, even though it is directly adjacent to the federal government.

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Thus, the President is not able to nominate the postal chief.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors can appoint the members who nominate and vote for the Postmaster, however.

However, this independence comes at a price – the agency is not funded by taxpayers.

Postal and service sales, like stamps, shipping classes, etc. are the main sources of operating costs for the company.

A hiring process can be expensive, especially if the training process is involved.

Like any business, USPS wants to ensure they hire the best candidates who will stay with them long-term, and they aim to generate a good return on investment.

Therefore, don’t worry if the hiring process at the Postal Service takes longer than your Kroger or your Target.

You are at the end of the road when you reach Offer Phase Ext, according to people who have been in your shoes.

Aside from this, some people have reported that their accounts still show Offer Phase Expired even though they have been at their job for months.

It might not necessarily mean that you actually got the job if that changes.)

Are you getting the job if USPS offers phase extension?

The offer phase extension is often referred to as the “home stretch” by new hires and current Postal Service employees.

Having completed most of the hiring process means you have been hired. I’m glad you accomplished it, because it wasn’t easy!

Your fingerprints have been taken, you have taken a drug test, and your background has been checked. The results of those screenings are still pending (for you and USPS).

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The next step will be your orientation letter, as per .

As such, you will be conditionally hired if your tests and screenings go smoothly.

You will have to wait up to three months even if you are a conditional employee.

Describe the steps involved in hiring at USPS.

If you think about the hiring process as a whole, you might wonder where Offer Phase Ext fits in.

A brief overview is given below:

Also, the pre-hire list includes you at this point.

As a reminder, this is only a general overview of what can be expected, and it will likely vary from one Post Office to another.


Employers have every reason to be excited about USPS Offer Phase Ext as part of a job application. If they do that, it means they think you’d fit well with them.

You will, for the most part, be left to wait as USPS completes the background check and the drug test.

Prepare yourself mentally for the long and challenging journey ahead by mentally preparing for the long but rewarding road ahead.