VHS to DVD at Walmart in 2022? This is the full guide (PDF)

The VHS format, which has long been replaced by other formats such as DVD, makes it unusable for old videos and memories.

You may be wondering whether Walmart converts VHS to DVD since it offers a variety of photo services like photo printing and film development through its Photo Department. What I learned is below!

VHS to DVD at Walmart in 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart’s Photo Departments convert VHS to DVD. It is also possible for customers to place orders online and have the tapes mailed to them or visit their own local Photo Department. The cost for VHS conversion to DVD is $12.96 per thirty minutes, and it takes a typical 3-4 weeks to complete.

Does Walmart convert VHS tapes to DVDs?

Either order your media online or take it to the Walmart Photo Department to have it converted to DVD format.

Select “Start My Order” at DVDWalmart.com if you wish to send and receive your order by mail.

Alternatively, you can print out your online order documents and bring them with you to your local Walmart Photo Department if you want to drop off and pick up the order there.

You can also choose to receive a USB copy, along with a digital copy and cloud access.

Can Walmart convert VHS to DVD in a short amount of time?

From the time you drop off your VHS to DVD conversion order at Walmart Photo (or mail it in) until it is finished, it usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

As soon as your media is received, you’ll receive an email notification when it’s in processing and when they’ve shipped it back to you or Walmart Photo.

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Can Walmart convert VHS videos to DVDs?

Depending on the amount of media information Walmart converts, they charge different prices. Depending on the amount of footage you transfer, your total will differ. For instance, a typical 60-minute video-tape transfer costs $21.42.

The following is a list of Walmart’s conversion to DVD prices for VHS:


  • 12.99 cents for 30 minutes
  • For the first 31 minutes, you will pay $18.52
  • 23.88 dollars for 61-90 minutes
  • The price is $29.34 for 91 – 120 minutes


A fee of $7.46 is charged for every 30 minutes of additional video conversion.

Walmart’s comprehensive price list provides more detail on their video and media transfer services.

When you convert to DVD, do you get your original tapes back?

Following the conversion, we will return your original videotapes and cases. When your order is completed, you will receive all of your original media back.

At Walmart, when is the cost of converting your VHS tape to DVD?

At checkout, you will pay half of the estimated total if you ordered using the online portal and opted to mail in your tapes.

The difference (if more or fewer media is included) will be charged or credited if the order is different when it is received. Your shipping confirmation email will indicate the amount.

You need to pay the full amount at the time of pickup if you’ve ordered your photo from your local Walmart Photo Department.

Can a Walmart DVD hold many VHS tapes?

One 2-hour VHS tape will usually fit on a DVD, but if you choose a lower resolution, a 4-hour tape will fit nicely.

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There will be a difference in the amount of hours that can be stored on each disc depending on the storage type and the resolution quality, so be sure to ask a Walmart employee for more details.

What is Walmart’s process for converting VHS to DVD?

In fact, Walmart’s Photo Department can help you convert VHS tapes to DVD. Many types of tape formats are accepted by Walmart, including international formats. You can either have the tapes shipped directly from your house or have them dropped off at the Walmart Photo Department. The fee is determined by the length of the tape content.