Welcome Kit, How-to & Discounts for Target Baby Nursery 2022

Among the many products Target offers in-store and online for infants and children, there is also a registry service that helps new parents prepare for the arrival of their child.

As a parent, you may be wondering whether registering at Target will help you prepare for your baby’s birth. My findings about this are below!

In 2022, what will Target’s baby registry look like?

By 2022, Target will offer an app that will facilitate the creation of baby registry items which can be shared with family and friends. In addition to the Target baby registry, the site includes a free Welcome Kit and coupons for discounts. A year after your baby’s due date, you can return or exchange any items.

In this article you’ll discover how to create a Target baby registry, what’s included in the free Welcome Kit, and what benefits you’ll receive through the program.

A Target Baby Registry: How Do I Create One?

Target offers several ways to create a baby registry: on its online registry, on Target.com, or in-store at Guest Services.

Simply follow the prompts within the app to create a baby registry on the Target Registry App (separate from the Target app).

When it comes to creating your own Target.com baby registry, you simply log in and visit the page.

Then click ‘create’ for the ‘baby registry’ option. You can now complete your Target baby registry by adding items to your list.

Target employees will walk you through all the steps you need to take if you visit Guest Services in-store to make your baby registry.

Welcome Kits for Target Baby Registry – What Are They?

You will get a welcome kit with over $150 in value if you register for a baby at Target. It will help you select the products you like best for your child.

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In addition to coupons and samples from Target’s most loved brands, the welcome kit features reusable bags filled with reusable samples and coupons for both parents and babies.

In the Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit, what will you find?

Its contents vary, but it usually contains coupons and samples from some of Target’s most popular brands.

Diapers, burpcloths, nursery decor, and maternity clothes are all available at these stores.

In their welcome kits, Target has even included coupons for free coffee from Starbucks.

My Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit has not arrived. What should I do?

If you register for a baby registry on Target.com, you will be able to obtain your baby registry barcode in-store by visiting the Guest Services desk.

A printout or mobile device can be used to scan this barcode. As of right now, the Target registry app does not provide access to the barcode needed for your welcome kit.

It’s a good idea to call ahead to ensure the Target baby registry welcome kits are still available before you visit the store to ensure one is available.

If you prefer, Target will ship your baby registry welcome kit along with your regular Target order. Register for a baby on Target.com by signing in to your account.

You can then select to ship the welcome kit from the benefits page and proceed to checkout as you normally would. With a $35 purchase, shipping is also free.

Target Baby Registry: What Are The Benefits?

Target offers a number of other perks and benefits to ensure your baby registry is successful, in addition to the free welcome kit.

In the event that your baby’s arrival is less than eight weeks away, Target will give you a flat 15% discount on the items on your registry.

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Moreover, you’ll also enjoy year-round discounts on big diapers brands such as Huggies and Pampers, as well as other high end brands including Cloud Island, Fisher Price, Up & Up, and more

Additionally, Target offers your baby registry guests a full year of returns and exchanges after your event.

When I go to my Target Baby Registry, can I see who has bought items?

The Target.com registry gift tracker helps you keep track of who has bought gifts from your list so you know when to send out gratitude cards.

On Target.com you can find this convenient gift tracker by logging in to your account and going to the registry page.

Clicking the gift tracker icon will bring up a list of all gifts bought including the quantity, buyer’s name, and date of purchase.

A nice feature of Target is that you can mark off ‘Thank You Sent’ beside each item, along with a checkbox, so you can keep track of who you’ve thanked already.

Gift tracker will display items from your baby registry as soon as they’ve been shipped. In the current version of the gift tracker, group gifts are not supported.

Is the Target Baby Registry valid for a long time?

The registry can be reviewed and updated five hundred and eighty-two days (18 months) after the event date.

A year after the event, gift-givers can still search your baby registry list.

Can I return items from a Target Baby Registry after a certain period of time?

The return barcode can be found on the Target.com registry homepage or in the Registry App, or you can send them back to Target up to one year after the event date.

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Returning items from my Target baby registry – how do I do it?

Log in to your Target account and locate your Target Baby Registry page to return items purchased from Target.com.

There should be an option to initiate a return on the left side of the registry homepage. Then, pick the item you wish to return, select the store to which you want to return it, and generate a barcode for the return.

Using the Target Registry App, to return items on your baby registry, select ‘Make a return’ to obtain your barcode.

You will be required to provide a valid government-issued photo ID when making a return.

Once you generate a return barcode, you should know that it is possible to return the item only at the specific dates and specific store that you’ve selected.¬†Gift cards can be used to reclaim your Target baby registry refunds.

My Target Baby Registry: What Do I Put On It?

Parents who are unsure about what to list on a baby registry can consult the checklists at Target.

Parents can use the Target welcome kit as a guide for which brand and product to use for their children.

Diapers, wipes, baby bathtubs, bottles, cribs, and baby bouncers are all popular items for Target baby registries.


Baby registry services from Target let parents create a wish list of essential items for their child that family and friends can purchase. In addition, the site provides free samples, coupons, and other essentials as well as helps parents get started with their registry. In the event that these items are new and unused, parents have a year to return or exchange them.