What is Home Depot’s policy regarding light bulbs? The latest in CFLs, LEDs, and more

Light bulbs, including incandescent bulbs, LED strips, and fluorescent tubes, are sold by Home Depot’s more than 1900 stores across the country.

If, however, your light bulbs have expired and you wish to return them to a Home Depot store, do they recycle the light bulbs? Here are some of the findings I made during my research!

Are Home Depot’s light bulbs recycled? What will happen in 2022?

As of 2022, the company will recycle CFL bulbs in-store, with recycling services varying by location. Incandescent and halogen bulbs cannot be recycled. Users who are looking for other companies that recycle light bulbs can use the Earth911 Recycling Search.

Home Depot recycles what kind of bulbs?

From incandescent bulbs to fluorescent tubes, Home Depot sells a variety of bulbs, but only some of them are recycled.

This is a list of the light bulbs Home Depot recycles, along with the reasons why:


In comparison to traditional bulbs, CFL bulbs consume less energy, but their small amount of mercury is toxic.

To ensure their proper disposal, these bulbs should be recycled. In order to recycle these bulbs, Home Depot runs a program in-store.

A national environmental management company oversees the packaging, transportation, and recycling of the bulbs in addition to the partnership with Home Depot.

The LED light (accepted by some stores)

It is best to recycle LED bulbs due to their small concentration of some heavy metals.

Several Home Depot stores do accept LED bulbs for recycling, though it isn’t entirely clear which ones.

It’s best to call your Home Depot store ahead of time to find out if they recycle LED bulbs.

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(Not accepted) Incandescent

It is not necessary to recycle incandescent light bulbs, as they are traditional light bulbs. Because of their complexity, these bulbs are difficult to recycle.

You can throw these in your regular household trash, but be careful not to break or injure the bulbs.

The Home Depot store does not recycle incandescent bulbs since this is an environmental issue.

HALOGENE (Unacceptable)

In general, Home Depot does not recycle halogen bulbs because they pose a potential environmental threat.

In order to avoid breakage, it is recommended that you dispose of these bulbs in original packaging.

(Not Accepted) Fluorescent

Since fluorescent tubes, like CFLs, contain mercury, they should also be recycled, as household waste cannot dispose of them.

The Home Depot recycling service is not available for CFL bulbs, as it would only apply to household bulbs.

The Home Depot website provides information on how to properly dispose of a number of bulb types, although several of these bulbs are not recyclable by Home Depot .

Can you recycle light bulbs at Home Depot?

The recycling service offered by Home Depot is free of charge.

For their CFL bulbs, Home Depot covers the entire cost of closing the consumer cycle.

What are the locations where I can recycle light bulbs?

Even though Home Depot offers CFL recycling at all of the U.S. locations, some bulbs cannot be recycled.

You can check in with your local recycling center to find out if they accept such light bulbs.

If you’re looking for recycling services for all kinds of bulbs in your area, you can use Earth911 Recycling Search.

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It asks you to input what kind of recyclable material you are looking for, as well as your zip code, and it shows you details of all the companies in your area that can assist you.


Some types of bulbs can be recycled without any extra charge at Home Depot. Some stores may accept LEDs for recycling, while all US stores offer CFL recycling services.

Home Depot may accept household waste bulbs that cannot be recycled. Many other recycling options are available for the waste that cannot be disposed of this way.