What is the Apple Pay policy at Walmart What will happen in 2022? Instead, try this…

Ninety-six percent of Americans will own a cell phone by 2022, and 57 percent will own an iPhone.

Nearly two million American stores accept Apple Pay. Walmart accepts Apple Pay, but doesn’t every retailer? Let’s find out!

What is the Apple Pay policy at Walmart What will happen in 2022?

Apple Pay is not accepted by Walmart as of 2022. The Walmart Pay app lets customers pay at the register and self-checkout aisles using their iPhones. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, and MasterCard are the only payment options Walmart accepts.

After I researched further and found some interesting reasons that makes Walmart decide that they should not accept Apple Pay. I also have found the next best alternative.

With Walmart Pay, you can pay with your iPhone at Walmart

You can easily pay for products at Walmart with your iPhone if you have an iPhone and are still looking for a quick and easy way to pay!

You can do that by installing the Walmart Pay app from the Apple App Store. Signing up for a free account and connecting your credit card / debit card to the app.

This video shows you how to use Walmart Pay on a phone to set up and make purchases in-store wirelessly!

Walmart Pay works by scanning QR codes once the final total is calculated at the register and self-service aisle.

After scanning the QR code, the app will open so you can use your debit/credit card to make a payment.

Like Apple Pay, you’ll receive a digital receipt right within the app for safekeeping, and the payment will go through instantly.

Walmart Pay may not be as seamless as Apple Pay, but it’s still the best alternative to carrying a wallet around.

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What’s the deal with Walmart not accepting Apple Pay?

There was another reason why Walmart did not accept Apple Pay before Walmart Pay was introduced. The reason was because MCX, or Merchant Customer Exchange, was their allegiance.

Walmart, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay do not utilize MXC since it is a direct competitor of Apple Pay.

Besides, Walmart’s refusal to accept Apple Pay is in part due to the fact that they cannot enable any sort of data collection during a sale.

Walmart can use this information to provide customers who use the Walmart Pay app with personalized recommendations and notifications.

What are the chances of Walmart getting Apple Pay?

Walmart will not accept Apple Pay in the future, according to a spokesperson. Using Walmart Pay on your iPhone eliminates the need for Apple Pay or its associated fees since Walmart Pay is built into the Walmart app you already have downloaded.

In addition, you could use these alternatives if you find yourself at Walmart and you need to pay right away:

Customers at Walmart can use an alternative to Apple Pay

The Apple Pay app can actually be used at Walmart. You can use any Apple Pay app you have by using the ibotta app and extension. Using ibotta is as simple as this:

  • iBotta’s app and extension can be downloaded from your mobile device
  • Once you have chosen the Apple Pay option, use the app or extension on your computer to pay for purchases through the ibotta app.

The Ibotta rewards program offers up to 2% cashback on purchases. There are, however, some items and stores where it works. Besides finding the items and offers on your phone before shopping, you have to look them up on the web as well.

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In any event, you can use Apple Pay and save 2% instantly (by showing the QR code to the cashier), and you will receive cashback instantly.

There is also the option of Affirm Financing

Additionally, if you are shopping online at Walmart, you can also use Affirm to complete your transaction. Like other credit payment options, Affirm offers installment financing.

If you qualify, the app will finance you on the spot with a 3-, 6-, or 12-month repayment schedule.

It is similar to layaway, and many items won’t require interest. An annual percentage rate (APR) of 10 to 30% may apply, however, to items that do not qualify for this option. Your credit will determine the amount of the APR.

The Walmart App is available for download

The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading the Walmart app, so that you can pay for goods at Walmart checkouts with your iPhone.

  • Enter Walmart Pay into the search bar in the Apple App Store on your iPhone
  • Begin the process of downloading the Walmart Pay App
  • Open the app and select Services once it has been downloaded
  • Set up Walmart Pay by tapping on Walmart Pay
  • To register any card or cards you’d like to use for Walmart purchases, simply follow the instructions you see on the screen
  • When you reach the checkout, all you need to do is scan the QR code to pay for your items

What are the advantages of Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the only method of payment that does not require a PIN because there is none. Moreover, your phone does not have a chip or a reader for someone to steal while you are checking out.

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Face ID and Touch ID can also be used to secure the app. The face is scanned by three different types of sensors with Face ID.

Only you will be able to pay with your phone if you don’t have a twin. It is impossible for your twin to steal your Touch ID, since it is based on your fingerprint.

Apple Pay also eliminates the need to save your receipt since it does not require them to be saved. The Apple Pay app takes care of that for you. Every transaction is stored on your phone without being visible to others unless you use your security settings, such as:

There is yet another benefit to Apple Pay

Apple Card is a credit card without fees that is better than Apple Pay for iPhone users. Moreover, you can save money while you shop because you receive the best annual percentage rate (APR). Apple Card customers can also benefit from a daily cashback purchase award.

You get money back on every purchase. With Apple Pay, you’ll also receive 2% cashback on your Apple Card. With Apple Pay, you save an additional 2% besides the savings from using the card.

For more savings, add other bonuses

Whenever you make a purchase using the ibotta app, you’ll save 4% plus receive instant cashback from Apple. Other stores offer a cash bonus on a daily basis, though. Apple Store purchases automatically give you 3% back.

With the card and Apple Pay, you can buy an iPhone with a cashback of 7% straight away. There’s no word yet on whether Walmart will make the list, but you never know.