What will Amazon’s payment policy be in 2022? You Need to Know (All You Need)

The majority of retail stores will accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and gift cards for splitting payments. Customers can split payments with many online stores as well.

Nevertheless, some customers might inquire as to whether Amazon will allow them to split payments with each other. Check out this article to see what I discovered about this fact if you’re also curious!

Is Amazon going to be able to split payments in 2022?

Amazon’s current policy prohibits splitting payments between two debit/credit cards. Gift cards, however, may be used to divide payments at Amazon. In order to process split payments, a gift card and a debit or credit card must be used.

If I have a Gift Card and a Payment on Amazon, what do I do?

Customer must follow these steps in order to split an Amazon gift card payment:

Here is step one: make sure you buy enough gift cards to make sure you’ll be able to buy what you planed. You can get them from retailer gift card kiosks at Amazon.com stores.

Amazon.com has gift cards you can purchase directly. Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the gift card link at the top of Amazon’s website.

Add items to your shopping cart that equal the value of the gift card.

In order to achieve the best transaction, it is recommended to buy several gift cards.

Apply the gift card codes to your account after you have added items to your shopping cart.

You must select “Apply to your Account” once you have selected the “Gift Cards” option at the top of the Amazon homepage.

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Follow the checkout process after applying the codes. You must add the gift card codes in the “Payment Method” screen.

Adding a debit or credit card as a second payment method is possible after adding gift cards.

Review your order prior to checking out, and make sure all the steps were followed correctly.

To complete the purchase, select the checkout option once both the payment methods have been applied.

Do I need to do anything special to add an Amazon Gift Card to my account?

An Amazon account must be linked to a gift card by either:

We encourage customers who are planning to spend a large amount of money on their split purchase to purchase multiple gift cards so that they can divide their purchase more evenly between a debit/credit card and gift card.

What is the best way to split a payment using a Visa/ MasterCard gift card on Amazon?

Despite allowing split payments with gift cards, Amazon does not allow customers to split payments with pre-paid Visa or Mastercards.

Technically, pre-paid credit cards are gift cards, but they can be used on any debit machine as regular credit cards would be.

Customers are unable to enter codes into their Amazon accounts using prepaid credit cards.

Customers may, however, purchase online gift cards from Amazon.com if they have pre-paid credit cards that they’d like to use up.

How can I pay on Amazon?

The site offers multiple payment methods, although customers can only split payment with a gift card.

To avoid spending all of their credit/ debit cards at once, customers are recommended to make multiple purchases and place separate orders with one or more of the following:

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  • (Including pre-paid visas) Debit/Credit Visa
  • The MasterCard Prepaid Mastercard is included in this category.
  • American Express Reason: short and looks like a name / Original Text: American Express
  • Amazon Pay Reason: short and looks like a name / Original Text: Amazon Pay


Is there a reason why Amazon doesn’t allow split payments using credit/debit cards?

Due to restrictions placed by the credit card provider Amazon uses, Amazon may not be able to authorize split payments with credit or debit cards.

Due to increased fraud risk, most online stores prohibit multiple forms of payment because it makes it more difficult to verify customer identification.

Where do customers have the option of splitting their payments?

Other retail stores and websites allow customers to split payments outside of Amazon. However, Amazon is the most restrictive retailer when it comes to splitting payments.

There are currently the following stores that offer split payments:


  • (in-store and online) Crate & Barrel
  • In-store and online shopping at Land of Nod
  • (In-store) Walmart
  • (In-store) Starbucks


Several online merchants do not allow customers to make split payments using credit or debit cards, as these forms of payment make it harder to verify a customer’s legitimacy.

Many merchants are simply unable to accept split payments online because their credit card company has restrictions.

There are some online stores, especially in the US, that allow split payments.

Although customers should be prepared to make one payment, they should be prepared to pay in full.


You can pay with an Amazon.com gift card or with a credit or debit card.

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Customers cannot split a purchase on Amazon or most other websites using two separate credit cards, debit cards, or pre-paid credit cards.

In order to split a purchase using a gift card, customers need to enter their gift card code into their account, and then apply their card to their order along with their debit or credit card at the checkout.