What You Need To Know About Amazon’s Background Check Policy 2022

The e-commerce giant Amazon has job opportunities at all levels and has become the second-largest employer in the U.S.

What is Amazon’s background check policy if you’re interested in working there? I’ve learned a few things about this.

By 2022, what will Amazon’s policy be on background checks?

Background checks are conducted by Amazon, which also look at criminal records for the past seven years, including misdemeanors and felonies. To ensure new workers are trustworthy, background checks are conducted before and after in-person interviews. Aside from that, Amazon may hire people with convictions, but each applicant is treated individually.

How Do You Apply To Amazon And What Is The Interview Process Like?

Amazon is one of the largest employer of Americans, employing one million citizens.

Applicants must fill out an online application before Amazon runs a background check. The hiring process then includes an interview. You can apply online at www.amazon.jobs/ and the questions you’ll be asked depend on the type of job you’re applying for.

After you create an account and start applying, you can explore available job opportunities and provide any required information about yourself.

Upon sending in your initial application, Amazon will contact you for an interview. Check your email to make sure Amazon contacts you regarding next steps if you haven’t already.

Amazon requires candidates for many senior positions to complete a short assessment. The assessment should take between 20 and 30 minutes. Amazon will assess whether you have the skills and competencies required for the position by checking your resume.

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Your application will proceed to the interview stage after you have successfully passed the assessment stage or if you are applying for a manual role such as a warehouse fulfillment worker or delivery driver. Amazon conducts interviews over the phone sometimes, and in-person interviews other times.

A conditional job offer will be extended to you if you pass Amazon’s interview questions and seem like a good fit for the job. You must pass every background check the company conducts on its employees.

Background checks are conducted by Amazon?

When Amazon hires a candidate, it runs a thorough criminal background check (fingerprints during hiring are not required), which allows the company to review all convictions during that time period, including misdemeanors and felonies.

Aside from that, Amazon may hire people with convictions, but each applicant is treated individually.

Amazon is less likely to hire someone with a history of fraud or theft at their previous employer, though it varies depending upon the situation.

The majority of hiring managers are more likely to consider candidates with low-level drug offenses or other crimes that won’t have a direct impact on the job.

A simple background investigation service is currently used by Amazon. They simply search through all public records and find out about criminal misdemeanor, or felony arrests.

Within a few business days, Amazon provides the hiring decision based on the result of the background investigation.

As required by the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Amazon notifies disqualified candidates after their background checks.

Any criminal conviction from seven years ago or more cannot be considered by an employer according to FCRA rules. You cannot use an older conviction in Amazon’s hiring decisions if it’s older than seven years.

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State regulations can reduce this time even more in some states, however. For more information about how far back Amazon can search your criminal record, check your state law.

Reference checks are performed by Amazon?

Amazon’s hiring process also includes reference checks, although, because of the sheer number of applications Amazon receives, these are usually brief.

Generally speaking, hiring managers look at high-level details such as your position title, wages, and performance in general instead of your references.

Employers should know who they are hiring, of course. Amazon verifies the information on your resume through reference checks.

Depending on your work history and the job you are applying for, Amazon will usually examine no more than your last boss or check in with some of them.

Even though reference checks may seem intimidating at first, they shouldn’t be a great source of anxiety if you left a good impression at your last job.

The reference check will probably go smoothly if your resume is honest and transparent.

Amazon, however, does not require resumes for many hourly job positions, and in those cases, focuses on interviews, background checks, and drug tests instead.

Do Amazon employees have to undergo drug tests?

New employees at Amazon must undergo drug tests. If you are selected, you will have to consent to a mouth swab following your in-person interview.

Using swabs taken from each person, a lab examines them to find common recreational drugs, which in your state are illegal.

The company requires annual medical assessments that include a drug test, which some applicants may use to ensure they are drug free.

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Furthermore, Amazon reserves the right to spot-test its staff for drug use, making regular recreational drug use a problem.


Prospective employees must pass background checks, criminal background checks, and drug tests under Amazon’s policy. When you apply for one of many job openings at Amazon, there’s a chance that a representative of amazon will contact you for an evaluation. When you progress to the next stage and receive a conditional offer, Amazon will conduct a criminal background investigation for up to seven years to discover if you have been charged or convicted in the past.

As Amazon uses a comprehensive public record-checking platform, the e-commerce giant does not currently require fingerprinting for background checks. A job offer from Amazon is contingent on the company checking references with previous employers and taking a drug test.