Worker Discount for Target Discounts, perks, and more in 2022

They offer quality home decor, fashionable clothing, essentials like household goods and groceries, and much more. Target is the eighth largest retailer in the world.

You may be wondering whether or not Target offers employees a discount on products if you are looking for a job and want to save money at their store.

You won’t need to look anywhere else to learn about Target employee discounts! You can learn everything here!

By 2022, employees should receive a discount

In 2022, Target will offer a 10% employee discount on most products as well as a 20% employee discount on groceries and wellness items. In-store discounts, online discounts, coupons, gift cards, and rebates are all combined with employee discounts. The health and well-being perks provided by Target are also exceptional.

Continue reading to learn more about Target’s employee benefits, which are included, and more!

Does Target Offer Employee Discounts?

If you shop at Target in-store or online, you will receive a generous discount.

At Target, for example, all products are 10% off in-store and online, while groceries and wellness items are 20% off.

It is also possible to combine the Target employee discount with coupons, gift cards, and rebates, which can result in significant savings for employees.

In addition, Target offers a specific website to employees that allows them to save money on items not sold by the retailer.

Target offers employees discounts at gyms, weight loss programs, and child care centers through its corporate relationships.

Why Do Employees At Target Have A Greater Health And Well-Being?

Target offers employees not only discounts online and in-store, but also perks that are uncommon at other companies.

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Plans for health care

There are two medical plans provided by Target to their employees through UnitedHealthcare.

The Target stores are covered by Kaiser, HMSA, and Bind medical plans, depending on where in the country they are located.

Pharmacy benefits are available with each medical plan and cover generic, name-brand, and specialty medications.

Plannes for eye care

Employees of Target are also covered by EyeMed Vision Plan. In network eye doctors, glasses, and contacts are covered by EyeMed’s Vision Plan.

Employees may choose to enroll in the EyeMed Vision Plan, which is capped at an annual cost.

The health plans offered by Target cover your eye exam if you are an employee and enroll in one of the plans.

Plans for dental care

The dental plans available to Target employees are Standard or Enhanced through Delta Dental.

In most cases, the plans cover a percentage of eligible expenses and provide full or partial coverage.

HELP Plans

Employees are entitled to a portion of their paycheck set aside for medical, pharmacy, vision, and dental expenses that are eligible for reimbursement.

To access the healthcare savings plan, you don’t need to be enrolled in a medical plan with Target. Funds from the healthcare savings plan roll over to the following year as long as you remain eligible.

Target offers a number of other health and wellness benefits to its employees, including the following:

  • With CirrusMD, you can enjoy virtual healthcare
  • Counseling available 24/7
  • Obtain free medical advice from a licensed medical expert through Grand Rounds (access to a licensed medical expert for family members)
  • You can save money on prescriptions with the RX Savings Solution (service).
  • Improve your sleep with a digital program
  • Programs that support maternity
  • Daylight (a mental health app that provides support)
  • A customized weight loss program from Real Appeal is available to you
  • Immunization against influenza (no matter your insurance coverage)
  • The benefits of well-being
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What financial benefits does Target offer its employees?

Additionally, Target offers money-saving, investing, and money-protection services.

As an example, Target offers 100% 401(k) matching, up to 5% of your paycheck, provided you’ve worked there 1,000 hours and are at least 18 years old.

Other financial benefits offered by Target include:

  • The ability to deposit directly
  • DailyPay offers advance payments
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Life insurance (companies paying the premium once a year)
  • The following types of insurance are available: short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance

To whom does Target offer discounts and benefits?

Every Target employee should be able to take advantage of the company’s benefits.

Target employees, both full-time and part-time, can access the discount as well as the financial and medical benefits provided by the business.

Some Target benefit plans require you to work a certain number of hours to qualify. Additionally, Target employees are entitled to some benefits, such as medical coverage.

Does Target Make Sense Do you want to work?

Target is currently the second-largest retailer in the country behind Walmart, with over 1,800 stores and 350,000 employees.

Normally, Target hires new employees when it is growing. Due to the competitive wages of Target, many employees enjoy working there.

Target, for example, offers a $15 starting wage at no matter what level of employment you hold. Long-term Target employees may also be rewarded with a higher hourly rate if they remain at the company for an extended period of time.

Target also offers a wide range of advancement opportunities.

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The majority of those working for the company in leadership positions originally worked as hourly employees before moving on to positions with greater responsibilities.

Thus, starting at Target as an hourly employee is a great way to build your career!


The perks of working at Target include discounts and other perks. Target employees, for example, get 20% off grocery and well-being items and 10% off all products.

Both in-store and online discounts are available. Additionally, Target offers its employees free mental health programs, as well as access to health insurance and dental insurance.

Several of Target’s upper management staff began their careers as hourly workers.